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Orbee-Tuff® RecycleBALL5 out of 5 Chompers

  • Manufacturer: Planet Dog

Each RecycleBALL® is made from regrind - 100% first quality Orbee-Tuff® material that would otherwise be discarded. We literally make these toys based on what color scraps we have, so colors vary and specific colors cannot be guaranteed.

 The colors you will see most frequently are Purple, Black, Cream and Green. We're sure your dog will love whatever color we send you!

Rated 5 out of 5 chompers on the Durability Scale. To read more about our Durability Scale and how to select the perfect toy for your dog, click here.

Buoyant, bouncy, minty and non-toxic. Rinses Clean. Made in U.S.A. and 100% guaranteed. Any time. Every time.

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