Food FAQs

1. Do you sell Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet, Purina, Pedigree or any other mainstream pet foods?

No. At Pet Depot, we only sell high quality pet foods which are free of corn, wheat, by-products, preservatives, chemical dyes, and sprayed on flavors.

2. Why are corn and/or wheat- based foods bad for dogs and cats?

Dogs and cats are carnivores by nature. As such, dogs and cats have no nutritional need for carbohydrates (especially corn & wheat) and have evolved to use protein and fat from meat as energy sources. Understanding the specific nutritional requirements of carnivores gives us a better idea of what to feed our dogs and cats.

3. Some of the pet foods you carry have grains such as Rice, Pearl Millet, and Rye. Are grain pet foods acceptable to feed to dogs and cats?

All grains are not created equal. When a pet food contains grains, we look for those foods that use high-quality whole grains such as brown rice, pearl millet, or rye. Pet foods that contain cheap grains (corn, wheat) should be avoided as these ingredients are simply cheap fillers devoid of any nutritional value. Corn and wheat are also known to be a cause of skin allergies in dogs and cats.

4. What do you generally look for in a good dog food?

A high quality pet food will have meat at the very top of the ingredient list. As we mentioned above, dogs and cats are carnivores, and the appropriate diet for these animals should primarily be meat-based. Grains are common in many pet foods because they're cheaper than meat products, and are a common solution in mass production for molding the kibble. We also recommend avoiding any foods that list by-products or unspecific meats (i.e. poultry meal).

5. Which Pet Food should I feed my dog/cat?

Deciding which food to feed your dog/cat can be overwhelming with all the potential choices in today's market. There are many factors to consider before making a final decision. Your dog's age, health, daily exercise routine, and most importantly your budget should all be considered before choosing which pet food is best for your dog/cat. If you need help we welcome you to visit Pet Depot and allow our friendly and knowledgeable staff to assist you in making a choice.

6. If I buy a Dog/Cat Food and it doesn't agree with my pet, can I return it and try something else?

Yes, all of our foods are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Just bring back the pet food bag and your receipt.

7. My dog is constantly itching, scratching, and licking in certain areas. What does this mean and what should I do?

These are the classic signs of an allergic reaction. The most common causes of skin allergies are corn and/or wheat consumed by the dog in the form of food or treats. The first step is to eliminate feeding the dog any corn or wheat. This is often difficult as 90% of dog biscuits/treats are made with wheat. You should try using a dog food or treat that is free of corn and wheat for at least 60 days in order to know definitively if this was the cause of the allergic reaction. Bathing the dog with a oatmeal based shampoo will also help to moisturize the skin and alleviate skin inflammation.