Our mission at Pet Depot is to offer our customers with the most holistic, natural, and superior foods, products and services in the entire industry. The end goal is to provide you with the absolute best products for your pet to ensure they're happiness and health, leading to your satisfaction as a customer. Our staff has over 30 years of training and experience with both the products and customer satisfaction. Our knowledgeable it a commitment to interact with each and every customer and make sure we can help to the best of our expert ability throughout the entire shopping experience.

Whether it's ensuring that each dog gets a treat as soon as they walk in the store, or making the effort to personally interact and put forth our input, we will always be doing everything we can to enhance your experience in the store.

Read what our customers have to say:

Davida Arnold
Great service! I was promptly greeted today, and the gentleman even offered to get what it was I needed. I could not remember the name of the food, so he looked it up in the computer and went and got it for me. I really appreciate great service and will definitely continue to shop at Pet Depot because of it.

Heather Parr-Stewart Lang
I love this store! Prices are very good and the service is excellent. I won't shop anyplace else for my pet!

Michelle Johnson
Awesome place! Reasonable prices and our puppy loved the dog swimming pool!

Ziggy D Ibe
Paws down, awesome products and knowledgeable staff!

Juliana Frenkil, R.V.T., C.C.R.A.
I work at a local veterinary surgical specialty practice, and see many patients for post-operative rehabilitation. I send several of these patients to Pet Depot for swim therapy, and have had excellent results. My clients report that the pool is always clean, and the staff always friendly. I myself have used their self-service dog-wash in the past, and have never seen this designed in a better way, for the safety of the pet and client. I have also made use of obedience classes, the swim pool and made supply purchases at Pet Depot, without a shred of disappointment. Pet Depot is conveniently located for most of Baltimore and the surrounding suburbs. If it is not close to you, it is well worth the drive for many of your pets' needs!

Kim Velligan Dockman
Best pet store ever! They even carry your dog food bag to the car! They are extrememly knowledgable and always friendly. Also provide the BEST dog obedience classes in Baltimore.