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  • Manufacturer: Grizzly Pet Products

Grizzly Krill Oil does not contain omega-3 fatty acids like other fish oils, but instead contains omega-3 lipids (phospholipids). Due to their chemical structure, phospholipids act much like an emulsifier that assists your dog in absorbing nutrients. Lipids are very important elements in all cell membrane structures; providing a variety of phospholipids in your dog’s diet helps maintain healthy membranes in the digestive tract, further benefitting overall nutrition absorption.

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"HAIRBALL FORMULA combines yucca, parsley and essential fatty acids to reduce stool odor and hairball formation while decreasing shedding. • Yucca schidigera – a plant that contains natural saponins and glycoproteins that bind ammonia in urine and feces. • Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids – help maintain healthy skin and coat to control shedding and reduce hairballs. "